Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Enough about the wind!

Enough of the snickering. Some people in the media are starting to pile on way too much when it comes to all of the home runs at the new Yankee Stadium. Look, they built a new stadium RIGHT NEXT to the old one. It is facing the EXACT SAME direction. The field dimensions are EXACTLY THE SAME. How could anyone have predicted this new "wind pattern" that's causing all of the home runs? The concession area is open to the field, which is better for the fans, but may have inadvertently changed the wind current. Or, maybe something else caused it. Who knows? I'm sure they'll figure it out and fix it. I'll trash the Yanks in a heartbeat for the crazy ticket prices - because they deserve it - but I'll cut them a break on all of this flak they're getting over the freaking wind. Next time somebody calls the place a joke, I'm just going to tell them to "Shut the f- up." Nobody makes fun of our house. The place is gorgeous.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yankee clubhouse has new culture

Bill Madden, who has been covering baseball for the New York Daily News for more than 30 years, says this 2009 Yankee team has a different vibe to it and has a much looser clubhouse. Hey, whatever ... as long as they keep winning, nobody will care if they throw pies at each other or blast music in the locker room. Here is a link to the Madden story:

Winning = Fun

Funny how everything can change in only about 10 days. Yanks take two of three from Baltimore, two of three from Toronto, then sweep the Twins four games at home, and all of a sudden, all is right again in the universe. Starting pitching has been good, bullpen has been decent and they're finally getting some clutch hits. Give A-Rod some credit, too. Though he's been inconsistent at the plate, it's no coincidence that the team got hot and Texiera started hitting as soon as he got back. His presence in the lineup is huge. Hope to see lots more "pies in the face" all season long ... HERE WE GO!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I love this kid

Francisco Cervelli is really fun to watch. He's tough, he catches a great game and his enthusiasm is infectious. Check him out when he's being interviewed on the post-game shows on YES. He's so young and green, and you can see he's just thrilled to be where he's at. Plus, there's just something fitting about a little Italian guy being the catcher for the Yankees. I think I even saw a little statue of the Virgin Mary or some saint on the shelf in his locker on the post-game show one night. Scooter would have loved this kid. Yogi probably already does.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

BoSox fans feel championships tainted

Red Sox fans are feeling humiliated and downtrodden, and deeply wounded, by the fact that Manny is a cheat. They feel their 2004 and 2007 championships are tainted. Headlines read "History Blown Away" and "My Worst Nightmare." Here's a great story about how lousy they feel:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Enough negativity! Let's go!

Yes, we are 0-4 against the BoSox. And yes, all of the empty premier seats at the new stadium look AWFUL on TV. And yes, C.C. is 1-3, Wang is on the DL and has been terrible and Posada is now hurt. It's been a see-saw month, that's for sure. But - just because I think we all need it - here are a few positive signs from early 2009:

1. Cano is great. Much more focused. Looks like a big year for him.
2. Andy looks good. Better than his record shows.
3. Swisher.
4. Damon is still a very good offensive player.
5. Jeter is getting clutch hits, as always. Seems he likes leading off.
6. Texiera had two bombs last night. Looks like he's finally ready to bust out.
7. Yanks took two of three from the Angels. When was the last time that happened? 10 years ago?
8. A.J. Burnett seems like a great pick up. Yeah, he wasn't that sharp his last two starts, but I still see him easily winning 15 games.
9. BoSox have problems, too. Papi looks old. Beckett has been shelled.
10. The reviews on the A-Rod book have been very so-so and sales are slow. It seems nobody cares. Good.

I still say they win at least 92 games and make the playoffs. Stay positive! Let's go!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A-Rod book: It's bad. Really bad.

The book we've been hearing about on A-Rod is about to be released. And, so far. it's not good. It alleges that A-Rod:

1) First used steroids in high school and essentially never stopped.
2) Was such a pampered prima donna in Texas that he had the clubhouse attendant put his toothpaste on his toothbrush for him, and also insisted the team deliver special food baskets to his hotel room every day.
3) Carried on with skanks and strippers while his wife was pregnant.
4) Used to hit on girls in clubs by asking if they thought he was better looking than Jeter.
5) Used steroids with the Yankees, and as a result, developed "man boobs." Some Yankee teammates mockingly refered to him as "B.T," or "boy tits."
6) May have actually tipped off pitches to opponents in some blow-out games, hoping they'd return the favor for him someday, and if he were slumping, feed him some easier pitches.

This is gonna be bad ....

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