Friday, March 27, 2009

Jeter to start season as lead off hitter

Joe Girardi says that Derek Jeter will lead off this year and Johnny Damon will hit second. One reason the Yanks are giving is that Jeter hit into more double-plays last year than Damon. Nothing against Damon, but couldn't the reason Jeter hit into more double plays simply be because he was hitting No. 2 and Damon was leading off? It's pretty hard to hit into a double-play when there's nobody on base.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A-Rod has surgery, will miss all of April and probably most of May

A-Rod had surgery today to fix the problem with his hip. He'll miss 6-9 weeks. Oddly, reports say the surgery is only a quick, temporary fix, and that he'll need another surgery at the end of the season. I'm bummed that our cleanup hitter is out, but have to admit I'm so sick of reading about the guy, I'll enjoy the break. (Of course, that will end in April anyway when the book the SI reporter has been working on comes out.) Whatever ... the fact is I'm glad he won't be in the lineup the day the new stadium opens. No one player should overshadow such a great event, and somehow, A-Rod would. He won't be on the field. He won't be the guy to hit the first home run. There will be no analysis of whether or not he is cheered or booed. And that's fine with me. Any thoughts?

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