Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yankees trade Melky, acquire Vazquez

The Yankees have traded outfielder Melky Cabrera to the Braves in a deal that brings pitcher Javier Vazquez back to the Bronx. Arodys Vizcaino, one of the Yanks top pitching prospects, was also included in the deal. Vazquez, who pitched for the Yanks in 2004, won 15 games last year and will fill the No. 4 spot in the rotation. Could this reopen the door for the Yankees to talk to Damon? We'll see.


Mo 42 said...

On another note, Eric, who often posts on this board, thinks the Yanks wanted to separate Melky and Cano, and that Cash and Girardi were tired of the some of their attitude. Eric, can you explain?

Anonymous said...

I never like making moves that make the team older. I don't like the idea of losing Austin Jackson AND Melky. I don't like trading a guy that's proven he can play in NY for a guy that, for one season, showed he kind of could play there, but maybe not. Plus, NL pitchers generally do poorly with the Yankees, and Vazquez's numbers have been much better in the NL than in the AL.

All of that said, it's obvious the Yanks don't like Melky and have been looking to deal him for a while. So if you pick up a No. 3 or 4 starter for him, why not.

I dislike the Granderson trade more than this one, for what it's worth. - Mike

Eric said...

I have been hearing and reading, as many of you have I am sure, that Cano always had Melky to tell him how great he was, etc. and that management hated it.

If we land a productive left-fielder, I like the trade. If not, then I won't. I hope at 33, Javi has matured enough to handle The Boogie-Down....Who knows?

It still feels like Cashman is trying to wait out Damon or Holliday. Just sneak right in at the last second. BUT - payroll is now over 200 million so maybe they are really trying trade for a left fielder to save some cost....?

Mo 42 said...

Don't mind parting with Melky, and don't mind Javy coming back, but still would like to see them take a chance on Sheets.
The 2010 offense, however, is not looking better than '09. Granderson is a nice move, but his bat can offset the loss of Damon OR Matsui, but not BOTH. Nick Johnson isn't the offensive player of either Damon or Matsui, and Melky is a better hitter than Gardner.
Translation: Still need to get some pop out of the left field position. I hope Damon will take two years and 18 million and come back. If they can do that, the team has improved. If not, I'm not so sure.

Eric said...

Latest I heard was they want Damon to take 1 year, 5.5 million, so, that's not going to happen....

Anonymous said...

Well, I know they have been playing hardball with Damon, but that's a bit insulting. He had a great season and was a big part of a World Championship. The new word I've heard is Cash doesn't want to lock left field up for long because he's got his eyes on Crawford on 2011.

Anonymous said...

The Vazquez deal is one of those "wait and see" deals that has you holding your breath for the first 3 months of the season. I also think Nick Johnson fits into this "wait and see" area as well. He has a high on base percentage, but is prone to injury. To sum it up, we will see. Vasquez is an improvement over Hughes and / or Chamberlain in the #4 spot in the rotation. This is an upgrade at pitcher and a downgrade at DH.

The trade of Melky and the signing of Granderson as I see it is an upgrade in centerfield. Granderson brings a good bat along with some speed to the line up. I also think he is a good fit in the clubhouse.

As for left field, this is the only hole that needs to be filled. I really believe that the Yankees will come through in the 11th hour and make a solid bid for Johnny Damon. If not, I feel confident that they will grab somebody to fill the gap. As of right now, I think they really have not improved over last year with the left field gap pending. If they can pick up one more solid starter like Ben Sheets, then the left field problem may not really be one after all. They would have 5 potentially solid starters, Hughes and our boy Joba to the pen and still maintain a dangerous hitting lineup. Start a solid defensive player in left that bats .275 and they may be OK. Who that is remains to be seen. As we all know, good pitching wins more often than not. Right now, we wait!

Eric said...

Gerald Williams
Chad Curtis
Ricky Ledee

We won World Series with "holes" in left before. With this line up, as is, and the pitching depth, and the payroll, this is enough to repeat, no???? We are fine. My lord.

Stay pat. Try and win the Series.
Pick up another stud outfielder and pitcher for 2011 when the pool is deeper and worthy of the investment.


Anonymous said...

My concern is that I believe Jeter and Mo will need contracts after this season, so there might not be much money to play with next winter. However, because of their age, and the fact they are reasonable guys, and they are not clients of idiotic Boras, they might actually come back a bit cheaper. Whatever the case, it will be priority one come
November. - Alan

Captain Munson said...

I heard the Yanks offered Damon 2 years, 14 Million and are waiting to hear back...I would take Sheets and put the boys in the pen!

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