Friday, October 16, 2009

Yankees are 10-2 in ALCS

The Yankees played in the American League Championship Series five times from 1976-1981 and won four of them. They also played in the ALCS seven times from 1996-2004 and won six of them. Overall, they are 10-2 when the World Series is on the line. There have been great moments ... Chambliss, Boone, El Duque. Let's hope 2009 gives us another.
Game 1 tonight. First pitch at 7:57 p.m.


Anonymous said...

It's been five years since the Yanks have played in the ALCS.

I am totally psyched.

- Mel

Anonymous said...

I remember all 12 of them. Can't wait until 7:57 ...

Anonymous said...

A-Rod. Huge.

Anonymous said...

The game yesterday sent me away shaking my head in wonder on a few of Joe G's moves. Once again, he puts his faith in our boy Joba and he delivers for the opposition. Joba looked like the kid that just graduated from T-Ball the year before and his new little league coach throws him in to pitch. He had that "Deer In The Headlights" look on his face. I don't think I saw any bugs swarming around him either! By the way, next year I want to see Joba at SWB where he can can gain more experience without killing the big club. That is another topic for another day. Anyway, Girardi has Robertson and Hughes in the bullpen but decides to go to Joba in the 7th. Of course he quickly gives up the go ahead run. I just don't get it? Then in extra innings he brings in Robertson, who by the way is lights out for 2 batters and then yanks him for Aceves. Don't get me wrong, I like Aceves but why do you take out a guy who retires two batters on maybe 6 pitches especially when the next batter is right handed? After the Game Girardi said that they thought Aceves matched up better against Jeff Mathis. According to the nitwits Buck and McCarver there was no history with these two. How on earth could that have been a better matchup?
Also, why on god's green earth did the Yankees not bunt with runners on 1st and 2nd and no outs on two different occasions early in the game? They had a 1-0 lead and could have totally demoralized the Angels by tacking on another run or two. We need better managerial moves and we also need the bats to come alive with hits other than home runs or this series will slowly slip away.

Anonymous said...

I feel better about Robertson than Joba right now.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on GAME 3:

Robertson reminds me a little of Mo back in '95. Cool and composed. I'd stick with him in those spots. I thought Joe managed a good game except for that one fatal move. The kid is really good. Let him throw.

That place will be rocking tonight. Let's see if the Yanks can take a punch. I think they'll punch right back. This isn't the old 2004-2007 Yankees. I still see a team with a lot of fight in them. Let's kick the shit out of the Angels tonight.

CC will be strong and go at least 7.

- Alan

Mo 42 said...

Thoughts on Game 5:

1. Yanks left too many guys on base PRIOR to the rally in the 7th. They easily could have had three more runs and won the game.

2. I would have pulled Burnett after the rally and not have let him started the bottom of the 7th. Yes, he settled down after the horrible 1st, but it seemed he was still in and out trouble quite a bit. I would have gone right to the pen. Girardi said on the post-game show that he stuck with him because he had a 1-2-3 6th and his pitch count was low. I would have felt lucky to be ahead at that point and still would have pulled him.

3. Pinch-running for a red hot A-Rod when you're down by a run with plenty of ballgame left may have been the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Since when can't Alex Rodriguez score from second on a base hit? And, if he did, wouldn't you want him in the game to later help you try and win it? Girardi said he needed somebody on the bases he was "sure could score on a gapper." So you pull the best player on the field out of a one run game just in case somebody hits a two-out double or triple? That's insane.

4. Hughes should have kept throwing Vlad the curve. He would not have hit it. There was some shaking off going on, so I don't know if it was Phil's call or Jorge's, but I would have thrown another breaking ball. It's Phil's best pitch, and Vlad still looks bad sometimes and tends to swing at anything.

I still like Girardi, but he has now baffled me twice in this postseason. (Pulling Robertson when he was really dealing, and pinch-running for A-Rod.) In those cases he over-managed. And with Burnett last night, he under-managed.

Whatever. Maybe it's all for the best. Maybe the momentum the Phillies had from kicking the hell out of the lifeless Dodgers will have worn off by Wednesday. I'd still rather play a bit longer at a high level than have a whole week off. If Andy wins Saturday, and CC can go in Game 1 of the WS, we're OK. If we need to throw CC on Sunday in Game 7, and we win, we'll have problems in the WS.

Oh yeah ... and one more thing - enough about 2004. This is a much different team. And it would be CC in Game 7, not Kevin Brown. - Mel

Anonymous said...

The baffling Girardi moves were numerous in Game 5. He is NOT a good manager, he is far too reactive. He burns through the pen - that's going to bite the Yankees if they ever have to got beyond 12 inninings. He makes substitions that are downright ridiculous.

Why bring in Martee, and a very touchable Joba and Hughes when you've got Robertson, who has been dominate lately? Take Burnett out in the 7th, put in Robertson and he probably gets them to Mo with the lead. I think you can give the stats to a number of other managers and they'd all realize that. Girardi didn't.

He has to go. The Yankees are in the post season DESPITE his management blunders. But if they don't take the ALCS the loss is completely on his shoulders. They should have been out in 5.

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